Dec 05 – Irma Sofia Poeter + Binational Group Exhibition.

We are glad to announce our winter exhibition, that includes a retrospective show of Irma Sofia Poeter, ¨UNA Y LO OTRO: DEVENIR EN RELACIÓN¨ in which the artist commemorates a 25 year artistic career. This exhibition, curated by Adriana Martínez Noriega and Reyna Aguilar Basurto, is an eco emanating from the current exhibition at CECUT, Tijuana, sharing the same name and subject, but with different artwork, including a new installation called Suspended Sentences.

The second show is called ¨CONCERNING OF TWO, A BINATIONAL GROUP EXHIBITION¨ in which a group of students from SDSU (SD) and UABC (TJ) got together to work and experience both cities in a human and creative exchange. Each one of them, lived their own version of what it is like to cross from one country to the other, facing all kinds of situations going from personal, to political, racial and sociological.

  • Program lead by:
  • Carlos Castro Arias
  • Martha Cintora
  • Jhosell Rosell
  • Artists:
  • Melissa Jiménez (Melissa JiNa)
  • Luciano Pimienta
  • Irma Bejarte
  • Montserrat Orozco (M.Orozco)
  • Dimana Zaharieva
  • Omar Ceballos
  • Frieda Kerr
  • Meghan Walsh
  • Matthew Bacher and Justine Zimiles
  • Molly McColm
  • Omar Ceballos
  • Philip Brun Del Re
  • Salas Vanessa 
  • Lisa nguyen
  • Anikah Stone 
  • Valentina Becerra
  • Allejandro Cardenas Oropeza
  • Vanessa Salas Vargas
  • Veronica Hughes   
  • Angèlica Omaña