Our Ancestor’s Dream – Kumeyaay Exhibition




Life between three worlds

San Diego, California.

Casa Familiar is pleased to announce the art exhibition OUR ANCESTOR’S DREAM: Life between three worlds. (EL SUEÑO DE NUESTROS ANCESTROS: La vida entre tres mundos). The opening reception was celebrated on Oct 6th, 2022, at The FRONT Arte & Cultura (147 W. San Ysidro Blvd, 92173.)

This exhibition features Kumeyaay Artists from California and Baja California Mexico. Curated by Karla Garcia-Perez: Curator, Community Organizer & Legal Studies Student of Indigenous People’s Law Program at the University of Oklahoma. The exhibition includes artworks by Johnny Contreras, Cristy Gomez, Eva Salazar, Raymundo Marquez, Jorge Sanchez Navarro, Guillermo Garcia, Israel Esparza Dominguez, Yinna Lila Munoz, Fox Maxy, Weshoyot Alvitre, Derrick Herrera, Juan A. Reynoso.

As described by the curator Karla Garcia:

«The Kumeyaay people have lived on this land since time immemorial. Our story is vast,

complex, resilient, and never-ending. We are artists, singers, dancers, filmmakers, organizers,

advocates, educators, and keepers of our culture. Our stories have been passed down for more

than 60 generations on this land, much has been lost but so much has remained. Beyond what

we have kept for over 12,000 years, today we create new stories, grow as a community and

instill who we are in the next generation of indigenous youth.

Our tribe pre-dates the United States, Mexico, and the U.S./ Mexico border. Yet we are divided

by these nations and European-American-made walls. Families have been divided, a tribe cut in

half, and our way of life was forever changed. Yet we are still here, on both sides of the border,

each person, each family, band, community, and ejido, holds a different piece of our story. Today

we will show you some of the pieces that we have in hopes that you may see us and that you

may listen.» 

Our Ancestor’s Dream will be on-view until Jan 7th. If you’d like to visit, our gallery is open Mon-Sat 11am-6pm