July 20th Opening Reception: Overseas

Opening Reception. July 20th 2019 6-8pm.
Free Admission.

An exhibition of the various diasporic experiences along the Mexico/ US Border that creates interpersonal bonds with the Philippine culture. In identifying the presence of both physical and emotional borders in migration, this exhibition showcases how place reaffirms cultural identity and shapes feelings of home. Contained in this show is Rizzhel Javier’s solo project called Third(space), a collection of images that attempts to access the space between Javier’s two fixed identities as a Filipino-American.

Caitlyn Gaurano
Rebecca Goldshmidt
Rizzhel Mae Javier
Mary Jhun
Goldie Lamoar
Victoria Proxy
R.J. Lozada
Lux Et Vitae
Matt Manalo
Michelle Mateo
Courtney Parbs
Carolyn Ramos
T. Jay Santa Ana
Valentin Saqueton

Curated by: Carmela Prudencio